Water Futures provides integrated solutions to complex water problems. We bring to bear a robust understanding of the interdependent nature of ecosystems, agriculture, and cities, and deep expertise across the spectrum of scientific, technological, political, regulatory, and financial aspects of the water sector.

We help clients assess water risk, enhance water assets, and design resilient water strategies. We apply a strategic lens to assessing water demand, supply, use efficiency, risk and opportunity, and developing integrated solutions across financial, policy, regulatory, and infrastructure functions to achieve resource and cost efficiencies.

We understand:

  • Water and wastewater policy and planning

  • Entity water risk and security

  • Water rights due diligence, markets, transactions, valuation, and litigation

  • Municipal and utility planning

  • Land and water conservation

  • Sustainable water use

  • The water-energy nexus

  • Nutrient management related to wastewater, agriculture, and land use

Our clients include county governments, municipalities, land trusts, ranching associations, canal companies, nonprofits, technology companies, private equity firms, private investors, and Fortune 500 companies.